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Community Description

Convene Affiliates is a web-based community where affiliate partners of Convene Communities can interact with one another. This community will provide a platform for shared learning, where affiliates can learn how to use Convene Communities for their own personal gain. Affiliates will have access to useful experiences provided by the company and also the affiliates. There is also an Advanced Group for those looking for more hands on affordable training.

Community Information

Making Money is Simple.-  Select your Product. Copy and Paste it. Get Paid Weekly.

Welcome to the Affiliate Community! Hi I'm Eugene Brown the Affiliate Community Leader. I am glad you're here. Below is a quick "welcome video" from the Convene Communities Founder Matt Currin.

There are just 7 steps that we encourage you to complete to become familiar with Convene Communities, the Affiliate Program, and of course to be able to get paid. Here we go.

Step 1- Get Qualified

Want to get paid weekly? Then you must become qualified. Becoming a "qualified" Convene Affiliate involves 2 easy steps :

Create a PayPal account, if you do not already have one. Then enter your PayPal email on the signup screen.

Fill out a W-9 form. A link to a blank W-9 form and the mailing address will be provided on the signup screen. 

You can check your Affiliate signup status on your Affiliate Dashboard which is in the gray box to the left if on a desktop or a laptop.

Step 2- Join the Team Convene Affiliate Group

The Team Convene Affiliate Program allows users to join free and learn how to earn commissions using the ultimate online ecosystem. Team Convene Group

The program works by using a built in referral program. You can recruit free members and paid members. There are more than 8 ways to earn income which is paid weekly.  

The Eight Ways

Are you in the Greater Charlotte Region? Join the "Queen City's" Charlotte Chapter!

Get unique, actionable content that will help put some money in your pocket! Learn from the best! Lots of goodies coming for this chapter. We'll have in person business opportunity meetings, Zoom calls, mixers, events, coaching and much more!

Go to "groups" within the Affiliate Community and select Charlotte Chapter. But please note to join you must have a profile page completed and have recruited just 3 people. Easy Breezy!

Step 3- Get Familiar with Convene Communities

Video Overview- What is Convene Communities?

Start Here- Getting Started with Convene These 6 short modules will help you get your feet wet!

Within the Team Convene Affiliate Group there are "experiences" you can take to get you up to speed. Simply join (link above in step 2) if you have not already and then find the tab called "Experiences" and click it for the list. Experiences

We are here to help! To assist you in onboarding feel free to send me a message through our system after you have spoken to your sponsor. If you both are new we will have a weekly Zoom call to answer questions. Finally, if you need more assistance I am happy to help. Please reach out to me, Eugene Brown, through our message board system. I will get back with you usually the same day.

Step 4- Attend Affiliate Orientation (Weekly Zoom Call)

Every Monday evening from 6p-7pm Affiliates can direct their prospects to a Zoom meeting so that they can learn about Convene Communities but more specifically the Affiliate program. At this "Orientation" meeting  prospects will find out the Affiliate program basics with a short video or two followed by a brief Q&A session.

Invite your friends. Be sure to send them your link which can be found under your profile. If you don't have it, ask your sponsor for it.

At 6:30 they will be encouraged to reach out to the person that invited them to call to discuss what's next. Or there will be training or I may showcase a course, paid group, or money making opportunity for our team. You will find the link to the recurring meeting below. Our first call is December 7th! Mark your calendars.

Introducing the Affiliate Community/Weekly Zoom Call- The Link

Step 5- Learn How and Where to Find Offers

So where do you find these courses, paid groups, or offers? If you are on a lap or desktop go to the gray box to your left and scroll down until find the Affiliate section. Click on "Affiliate Premier Groups". There you find available opportunities to market. You will also find the amount of commission being offered. Be sure you review our commission structure for more details.

If you are on mobile, click in the top right hand corner above your profile picture. Then scroll down. Important- In most every community you will find offers. If nothing is available please remember we are new and are growing!

Next, you must first join that community, then go to the gray box under "Affiliate Premier Groups" to see the latest. Please understand that as we grow you can expect to see hundreds of offers. You are on the ground floor helping us bring the best online business ecosystem to the marketplace!

Strategy Tip- Your friend Sue loves the military. You would want to first join the Military Community free. Then check to see if there are courses that she might be interested in.

Next you would send her either the course link (from the Premier Groups/gray box area0 or your personal link that's in your profile section. The link will be specific to that community.  But if no offers exist, you can still encourage her to join using YOUR LINK because she has other interests such as maybe joining the Parenting Community later.

If she purchases product ANYWHERE within the platform guess who earns a commission- You my friend! Invite. Invite. Invite!

You can find your link by simply clicking on your profile picture. Scroll down and you will see it. Remember- If Sue likes to the military, join first, then go get your link because it will be SPECIFICALLY FOR THE MILITARY COMMUNITY.

Step 6- Invite Others and Earn/Tier System

Each time you refer a new member that to the Convene site, they become part of your Team Convene Affiliate Tree.  Convene is proud to pay out 60% of purchases made from Convene to the Team Convene Affiliate Program. 

Team Convene Affiliates Tier System


Tier 1 Affiliate: 40% commission on all purchases

Tier 1 affiliates consist of all members of the Convene Community that were directly referred to the site by you.

Tier 2 Affiliate: 15% commission on all purchases

Tier 2 affiliates consist of all members of the Convene Community that were referred to the site by one of your Tier 1 affiliates.

Tier 3 Affiliate: 5% commission on all purchases

Tier 3 affiliates consist of all members of the Convene Community that were referred to the site by one of your Tier 2 affiliates.

Affiliate Commissions and Pay Schedule

Convene will pay weekly commissions
Pay will be calculated every Friday at 12:01 AM and will be paid via PayPal the following Friday. Members will be paid when their account balance reaches $50 or above. Until that time the money will accumulate in the affiliate dashboard.

In order for payments to be released the affiliate must be a qualified Convene affiliate which requires a PayPal account set up on the site, a completed W9 form submitted to Convene, and membership in the Team Convene Affiliate Group.

*A $1 processing fee will be deducted each time commissions are paid out.

Recruit other Affiliates

Convene Affiliates Invitation System
There are multiple ways to invite a new member to the site as your affiliate, the email invitation system and your affiliate link can be found on your Convene profile page.
Share your unique affiliate link with the individual.

Use the Convene invitation system on your profile page by entering the email address of the person you wish to invite. Convene will send them an email invitation containing your affiliate invitation link.

Sharing content on social media using the share buttons on Convene. Any new visitor to Convene who joins the site from your social media link will become your affiliate.

Membership Levels 

Convene offers three different levels of membership for each community. Upgrading your membership status will only apply to a single community, but Convene members may upgrade their membership in as many communities as they wish.

Public Membership -

This level is free. This give the member access to all public experiences and public groups in all communities.

Private Membership -

When a member becomes a private member you will earn a commission. Private membership allows you to create private groups manage access to your groups. This private membership is for specific communities. Every time a member joins a new community and private groups you will earn a commission.

Premier Membership - Convene Communities is built around content providers. A contributor has the ability to create a private group and charge a price for access within that group. To have this capability they pay commissionable fee.

They will this have the option to pay a commission from the price of their private premier group to Convene Affiliates. If someone in your three tiers does either option you will earn a commission.

Convene Groups

Making Commissions in the Convene Affiliate Program

Each time one of you affiliates makes a purchase from the Convene site, you will earn a commission from the purchase based on the tier level of the purchaser.

These purchases may include:

  • Purchasing a private membership in a community
  • Purchasing a premier membership in a community
  • Purchasing Team Convene premier content
  • Purchasing access to premier content from a Convene Premier member

*A transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 will be processed on each purchase before the total is added to the Affiliate Program.

Step 7- Develop Professionally (optional)

If you find that you would like more advanced training or individual coaching, you will find both groups below to be affordable and beneficial. Also remember as an Affiliate you can earn income by referring groups such as these. 

It's Simple. Select your Product. Copy and Paste it. Get Paid Weekly.

Advanced Affiliate Group ($19.99/mo.)- Join Link     

Individual Coaching ($39.99/mo.)- Coaching

Finally, if you are super serious you can also join the Convene Masterminds Group. There you will find the Convene Leadership and most of all the top Affiliates, Community and Premier Group Leaders sharing ideas to help one another become even more successful. Money spent that will make you even MORE money. Convene Masterminds Group ($99/mo.) Masterminds

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Community Public Experiences

Use Your Strengths
In any business endeavor it is imperative that you know and understand how to use your strengths.
Eugene Brown Jr
The Affiliate Program
Convene Affiliates is a web-based community where affiliate partners of Convene Communities can interact with one another. This community will provide a platform for shared learning, where affiliates can learn how to use Convene Communities for their own personal gain. Affiliates will have access to training courses, Mastermind Groups and the experiences of fellow affiliates, providing an immense amount of information to help grow their own profitable businesses. 
Eugene Brown Jr
Coronavirus Lesson
The Coronavirus Pandemic has taught our government and it's citizens many valuable lessons. From not being prepared as a nation to Americans desperately relying on our government for financial support. But, how do we prepare for the inevitable?
Eugene Brown Jr
Learn to Discipline Your Disappointment
Learning how to discipline your disappointment especially in business will be a key skill to master and MANAGE throughout your affiliate career.
Eugene Brown Jr
Products- CRM and Project Management
Matt Currin provides some insights into two of our soon to be released products. The CRM and the Project Management will be great additions to the Convene suite of products and services.
Eugene Brown Jr
The Community- Similiar to a Mall
The community is like a mall. In this experience will we discuss some of the similarities to help you understand the greater picture.
Personal Community
Personal Community- What is it and how it can be used to manage your business.
Eugene Brown Jr
Community Leader Basics
The role of a Convene Community Leader is to build a community that has at least 30 experiences and 30 active groups all while ensuring no unsuitable content gets posted.
Eugene Brown Jr
The Value of Free Membership
Public Membership - this level is free. This gives the member access to all public experiences and public groups in all communities.
Eugene Brown Jr
Compensation Basics
The Convene Communities compensation plan pays our affiliates on 3 tiers and provides 8 ways earn income.
Eugene Brown Jr
Selling Memberships
Convene Communities offers several ways to earn income. One of the main ways is to promote our memberships. The paid memberships are private, premier, Community Leader, and Personal Community ownership. There is also a free public membership.
Eugene Brown Jr
Selling Premier Content
Convene Communities offers our Affiliates the opportunity to sell other people's content . Our Premier users build courses and establish paid access groups. Promoting these opportunities will lead to weekly income,
Eugene Brown Jr
White Label, Convene Coaching, & the Mastermind Group
Coming soon- Convene Communities will have several programs coming to help us grow as a company and you as individuals. The Convene Coaching , White Label, and the Mastermind classes will help our members going forward.
Eugene Brown Jr
Activity Matters
Productive, measurable activity is one of the main drivers of success in any business. Mastering and harnessing the power of this one skill can be the difference in success or failure.
Proper Planning
Planning is an essential part of business. It allows a company or an individual to set priorities, the direction, to simplify decision making and drive alignment. When done right, planning, will increase performance.
You Become What You Think About
The Secret Power of Your Mind to Become What You Think- In 1956, Earl Nightingale wrote "The Strangest Secret" in an attempt to teach people the power of the mind, the power of thought. He said, "you become what you think about all day long." Nightingale's inspiration came from Napoleon Hill's book, "Think and Grow Rich," published in 1937