The Affiliate Program
by Eugene Brown Jr

The Team Convene Affiliates Program allows users to earn commissions while using the ultimate online ecosystem. The program works by using a built in referral program. Each time you refer a new member to the Convene site, they become part of your Team Convene Affiliate Tree. This tree includes 3 levels so you have the possibility of making commissions on each new member you refer as well as the new members they bring to the site and the new members they refer. Convene is proud to pay out 60% of purchases made from Convene to the Team Convene Affiliate Program. These commissions will be added to your Convene Affiliate account weekly.

Join the Convene Affiliate Program.
Becoming a Convene Affiliate involves 3 easy steps.
Create a PayPal account, if you do not already have one, and enter your email on the signup screen.
Fill out a W-9 form. A link to a blank W-9 form and the mailing address will be provided on the signup screen.
Join the Team Convene Affiliate Group in the affiliates community at NO COST. You can check your Affiliate signup status on the Affiliates Dashboard.

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