Community Leader
by Eugene Brown Jr

The Convene concept allows you to join communities for FREE with other members that have similar interests. 

This is different from other social media platforms where all interests are lumped together. 

Convene offers a platform for Podcasters, Trainers, YouTubers, and Bloggers can contine a conversation and allows people to interact with your content in a new, exciting way.

Convene brings us together to share our experiences in specific communities with people that have the same passions and interests. Whether it is a love of books, cars, or soccer, Convene is a place where those who want to learn and those who want to share their knowledge can come together in one place.

As a Community Leader you'll receive 10% in compensation every time an affiliate transaction occurs. As a CL, you a responsible for building your community and ensuring inappropriate content does not exist. Our goal for each community in 2020 is to have 30 active groups and 30 experiences.

Convene is looking for new communities and enthusiastic leaders. Contact the person who referred you if interested.

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