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Convene Affiliates meet here to exchange ideas and share experiences. The Team Convene Affiliate Program allows users to join free and learn how to earn commissions using the ultimate online ecosystem.

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The Team Convene Affiliate Program allows users to join free and learn how to earn commissions using the ultimate online ecosystem.- Team Convene Affiliate Program

Every Monday we will have a Zoom call at 6pm to assist you with your development, team building, and exposure to some of the latest commissionable products all designed to put weekly money in your pocket. The is link is provided to new members in the group information section.

The program works by using a built in referral program. You can recruit free members and paid members. There are more than 8 ways to earn income which is paid weekly.

Each time you refer a new member that to the Convene site, they become part of your Team Convene Affiliate Tree. Convene is proud to pay out 60% of purchases made from Convene to the Team Convene Affiliate Program. 

Learning how to leverage content and other people's products/courses successfully can be one of the cornerstones of your income producing plan.


All that is required is an internet connection and the ability to copy and paste. Sounds simple enough right. Quite frankly I am surprised that not everyone on planet is taking advantage of affiliate programs. There's nothing to buy. There are no fees. It's simply promoting good offers and getting paid when someone buys.

The first step to earning with Convene is to become a

"qualified " affiliate which is nothing more than submitting a PayPal account and a W-9 online. For information on qualifying, our commission structure and the overall program click the link. -The Details

I would encourage you to become familiar with Convene by completing a 6 short tutorials. - Getting to Know Convene

Should you find you would like Advanced training or Individual Coaching that is available to you.

To be successful as an Affiliate it will require gaining new skills, practice, patience, and planning.  

My goal in the Affiliate Community is to give you everything opportunity to be successful.

Once inside our community take a look around. Go the "Experience" section and see what's offered. Explore a bit and then get back with the person that invited you to the platform and be sure to get on the weekly Zoom New Members call. The link will be in the group.


The COVID- 19 pandemic has reminded us of what we already know. And that is nothing is guaranteed. Not your job. Not your safety. Not your health. And certainly not your income. According to the latest figures from the Washington Post nearly 80% of all Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Not new news. But it doesn't have to be this way. Americans were not taught enough about money at home, at work, or at school.

I have made a tremendous amount of money trading stocks because I have developed a firm understanding and skill level of what needs to be done to consistently grow income and therefore change the lives of my family. -Free Intro to Stocks Course

The bad news it took me years to reach this level. But it DID NOT need to take this long! The good news for you is that you will have someone to teach you so that you don't have to suffer through that same learning curve. I FULLY expect to do the same thing with our Affiliate Program.

1MGNC8DckjGBs3yPwNudI1L8fkFnWxTEt3cblrA8.jpegThere's No Big Secret!

There's no big secret! There's no magic formula. I wasn't born with any gifts that you cannot learn. What I do have is a willingness to learn and a strong desire to change my life for the better. And as my knowledge and skill level increased so too has my wallet.

Listen, I make you no promises that you will have the success that I have had. But I will promise you that I will do everything in my power to help you help yourself.  

Here’s how the Affiliate Program helps you make money:

Variety of Groups 

There are several groups to help you increase your affiliate and networking knowledge. The groups were designed to fit all skill levels from beginners to advanced. We do offer advanced, individual coaching, and a mastermind group.

Attainable Goal-

Members apply the new knowledge they receive in their groups under the "Experiences" tab to help them significantly improve their weekly paychecks By tapping into the experiences of others you can leverage that knowledge to help you achieve your goals.  The "experience" or analysis will provide a roadmap to consider following or simply learning from what was shared.  

Simple Strategy-  

Our goal is help you identify courses and paid groups that are selling well so that you too can capitalize on the trend. If you can master our process, and you can copy and paste, you can and will change your life. Again please note that we will have a live (but also recorded) Monday weekly Zoom call at 6pm that will include training each week. 

The Convene Community is free to join. 

Like most platform on the internet you join to access the platform and it's groups. So join the community free first then scroll down to find your groups. Be sure to get familiar with all that Convene offers. 

Take a look around. Join any community or group you'd like. Just like most platforms you must first join Convene Communities to be able to access the groups. Click on the link to join THEN scroll down to find your groups. If you any problems shoot me a text (980) 522-8383. I will help you. Should you select a paid group know that you can stop at anytime.


Goodbye and Good Riddance 2020!

To help make 2021 a BETTER year for you, I am offering any who joins the Advanced Affiliate Group something special. When you join the Advanced Group you get the Stone Eye Stock Picks free ( A near $240 value!) With this advanced training you will be able to put EVEN MORE money in your pocket- TWO DIFFERENT WAYS! To gain access to the Stock Picking Group (after you have joined the Advanced Affiliate group), simply complete your Convene Communities profile page, become a qualified affiliate and then send me a message that says "Let Me In". Then I will add you to the group. Remember you must become a member of Convene community(the platform) first. Then scroll down to join your group. So, when you click on the link below you will first join the community, then scroll down and you will see the groups. Now follow the steps below.


 Step 1 - Join Advanced Affiliate Group Just $19.99 Per Month -  The Advanced Group

 Step 2- Become a Qualified Affiliate(so you can earn weekly) Read Affiliate Information For Details -Affiliate Info

Step 3- Complete Your Profile page (Picture at minimum) Getting Started with Convene - Get Familiar

Step 4- Send Me a Friend Request and Message - "Let Me In!" 

Visit the our other communities and groups to find out more about what we offer.- "Come See What's Possible!" 

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